Working in Watercolour

I started experimenting with watercolour while I was still in high school. First it was
fooling around with ink drawings and later moving into full colour. Without any
previous training in watercolour, I had no idea what I was doing. And it stayed that
way until last summer when I took Kerry Kim’s watercolour class at the AGO.  

The way he taught watercolour was completely eye opening. Before I often ended up
with muddy paintings that were ok looking but never achieved that fine flowy
quality. He taught the class using the principles and methods of his mentor and
friend Chintok Tan, who’s class I am currently taking at OCADU. He told the
students that we must ignore the objects we see in front of us and just look at the
shapes that colours make and paint those shapes. Shapes of colour combined
together create a stunningly simple yet beautiful watercolour image, which I have
never been able to achieve before. 

The message that I strive to deliver through this post is that we always look at
things as they are without ever looking closer to see the many colours that are
combined to create something more meaningful and beautiful.

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